Here is an inventory of the equipment that the SIGHS team currently uses on our investigations.

Video equipment

8 channel DVR system with 4 1/4- inch Sharp CCD 420 Line Color CCTV Infrared Night Vision Waterproof cameras

4 day/night vision wireless color cameras

4 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder
with built in 7" LCD monitor

Sony DCR-TRV30 Handycam
Sony DCR-TRV30 Handycam

Sony DVDirect VRD-MC10 Multi function dvd recorder

EMF detectors

K-2 EMF meter

Gauss Master EMF meter.

Audio Equipment

ZOOM H1 Handy Recorder

2 Sony ICD-B600 Digital voice recorder's

4 RCA VR5220 Digal voice recorder's

Miscellaneous equipment

Laser light grid